The meaning of life
is always having scissors
in every room

Choose what you want most
instead of what you want now
This is discipline

“Co-parenting” is
like a school group project that
never freaking ends

I work fifty hours
but the only problem is
most are after 10

Do not understand
stainless steel appliances
So fingerprinty

In God’s big story
I’m not the main character
You are not either

If you don’t like me
in real life please don’t ask me
to be Facebook friends

“But I don’t get zits.”
I was totally correct
That’s poison ivy

Instead of checked bags
let’s charge for ginormous bags
crammed in overhead

Stopping work to cook
when you’re not hungry at all
that is what love is

The Lord made today
I will rejoice and be glad
or at least fake it